A retired traveling musician, owner of multiple real estate and businesses, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, Greg Wood speaks from the heart, and goes for the jugular, when it comes to identifying and eliminating life's chaos and clutter, and improving efficiency and productivity.

Crowd members can expect Greg to provide "those little gold nuggets" that can be taken home and implemented today, even as he shares his broader philosophy on systematizing life and work to free space and allow more time more what matters.

A believer in creating value at all times, Greg always takes time to chat before and after his presentations with attendees to learn what their unique pain points are, and provide what advice he can.

Current Speaking Topic:

Getting Superhuman Value For Your Life's Work

Have you ever forgotten a great idea?  Missed an opportunity because it wasn't front-of-mind?  Found out too late that your memory for tasks and returning communication to be unreliable?

Many individuals are simply leaking productivity in their life and work.  It's difficult to find the best way to gather all of the inputs that come our way, and keep them available to ourselves, and derive value from them.

The good news is, there are many new tools for this purpose.  The bad news is, getting a tool (or many tools!) doesn't solve the problem.

In this keynote, Greg discusses the features and benefits of having a strong foundational method for processing life and work, to seal the cracks, and achieve watertight productivity.

In This Presentation, Greg Will Share

How can you save and use input from every experience without loss of potential value?

What defines your "life's work?"

How to create space in life, finishing what needs to be done, but ALSO allowing more of what matters most

Where should your priorities be, if you are trying to wrangle a time management solution?

How is Waterproof Productivity achievable for you?


  • "Greg is a funny, engaging and informative presenter!  His talking points have stuck with me to this day. Great speaker!”
    - Laura Klein, Attorney, Entrepreneur

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