“The ability to create oneself and one’s life into whatever he or she desires is not only possible, but quite possibly the most honorable pursuit.”

About Greg Wood

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach

Until 30, I passionately pursued and realized my dream to perform music all over the US and the world.  I found great enjoyment starting a number of side-businesses along the way.  I left life on the road to find love, and a next career, and, back in my home state of Connecticut, soon reconnected with and married my high school crush.

At home, I taught guitar, launched my own music production company, and set to work on receiving my state certification in K-12 Music Education.

In 2008, I followed a sudden, compelling intuition to pursue massage therapy, where my fascination and study of the body and wellness could combine with a lifestyle in my most natural state: entrepreneur.

Today, I am the proud owner of the 10-therapist, 4-room massage practice, called Simsbury Therapeutic Massage & Wellness.  It is one of two brick-and-mortar businesses I currently run.

In June of 2016, nineteen years after I began studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I received my black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  The week after the honor, I opened the doors to my own BJJ academy, Plainville Martial Arts, where I share the art I love in my classroom, 5 days per week.

With two brick-and-mortar businesses, a few guitar students still with me, and real estate to manage besides, I am sometimes asked if I have any time for myself. I actually have a very high-quality work-life balance, and it is due to systems in place that have taken years in each area to hone, and a lifelong obsession with stealing time back from my to-do list.

This obsession has become a new mission to help others create a full, enriched life, through streamlining what they're doing now, to enable their own personal growth and fulfillment.

To this end, I created the Efficiency Podcast in 2016. The Efficiency Podcast features interviews, and provides tips and tools for streamlining personal productivity, time management, and simplifying work and life.

I also coach and speak to overwhelmed individuals and business owners, in the arenas of organizational systems, workflow improvement, and efficiency implementation, with the end goal of escaping chaos and clutter, and allowing the most meaningful of our life's work to flourish.

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My Life's Work


The Efficiency Podcast

The Efficiency Podcast features interviews, and provides tips and tools for streamlining personal productivity, and simplifying work and life. This podcast is the perfect addition to your library to learn and keep you motivated in your pursuit of a stress-free life of your own design.


STM Wellness

Simsbury Therapeutic Massage & Wellness is Simsbury's choice for massage therapy, located on Hopmeadow Street since 1993


Plainville Martial Arts


Plainville Martial Arts boasts a fabulous 3500 square foot facility. The separate men's and women's bathrooms are spacious, and feature lockers to hold your belongings, and multiple single showers that you may use at the end of a session. It is nice to get into your car without bringing the sweat from a session with you!



Over a dozen years of musical endeavors (Nigel Six, Not My Ritchie, The Stryder, West Beverly, Staring Back and Punchline) have featured Greg Wood on bass, guitar, drums, and vocals. Greg has performed in 48 of the continental United States, as well as Canada and Japan, playing shows with attendance ranging from 4 to 4000.


The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Bards

Through song and chant, the JJ Bards spread tales and history of the art and the warriors who imbue jiu jitsu with their honor, and their spirit. Free DLs


See The World. Expand Your Game.

A global directory of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners happy to host fellow BJJ enthusiasts. Are you a Brazilian hoping to visit the US? Are you an American dreaming of visiting Brazil? BJJTravel.com is a rolodex of fellow practitioners around the world willing to host you for FREE on your travels. Whether you're headed to NYC or the West Coast for a weekend, or stuck on a layover in a strange land... before you book a hotel, check in with your BJJ brothers and sisters here first. BJJ is everywhere!